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Building our youth today to walk in their destiny tomorrow.​


To provide a safe place and a creative atmosphere through the arts where young people will be encouraged in their education, empowered with purpose and engaged in their passion to live their lives successfully in society.​

In the midst of economic crisis and the continual rise of the single parent family, we see that many of the children and youth in our society today have been neglected to the point of great need.  There is an entire generation that is on the verge of being released into society who have not been mentored and loved so that they would discover their strengths and dreams in order to find their place in the world.  Due to the lack of finances, the lack of family support or both; many young people who have the desire, may never be given the opportunity to learn and be trained in creative expression through the arts and or be trained in business by those who are already successful.

At Destiny Place we endeavor to build a bridge across the gap of need that lies within every young person’s heart that is waiting to be touched, inspired and encouraged.  To be that place that causes hope to arise within them to dream as big as they want to dream, while they discover the passion that will be the fuel to their success.

Destiny Place is not designed to take the place of the school system but to partner with it in order to strengthen students which will in turn strengthen schools.  



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