Becoming Obedient

Week of July 13th

Note to Facilitators: This Facilitator’s Guide is subject to the Holy Spirit, as you are led by the Spirit use, add or omit as you see fit. I would encourage you to always do the GEL and GEARUP.

GEL: (Connect)

Share a time that you obeyed God even when you didn’t understand or necessary

agree with what He asked you to do


Get a bag of M&M’s, pass around the back for each member choose as many as they

which. Have each person share according to the number of M&M’s they have, what things they would find it hard to give up or do if God ask them to. (After sharing they can eat?)

GLORIFY: (Testimonies/Songs)

Ask for any prayer requests or praise reports

GROW: (Study)

 This week Pastor Shared on Faith and Obedience, how did message impact you?

This week’s purpose: To encourage group members Obey God

From General Patton’s Principles for Life and Leadership, the General says;

Picking the right leader is the most important task of any commander. I line up the

candidates and say, “Men, I want a trench dug behind warehouse ten. Make this trench

eight feet long, three feet wide and six inches deep.”

While the candidates are checking their tools out at the warehouse, I watch them from a distance. They puzzle over why I want such a shallow trench. They argue over whether six inches is deep enough for a gun emplacement. Some complain that such a trench should be dug with power equipment. Some gripe that it is too hot or too cold to dig. If the men are above the rank of lieutenant, there will be complaints that they should not be doing such lowly labor. Finally, one man will order, “What difference does it make what he wants to do with this trench! Let’s get it dug and get out of here.”

That man will get the promotion because he will get the job done!

Like Patton, God gives people jobs and watches to see how they respond; He is looking for those who will walk in obedience.

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