Something happens when we declare who God is in our lives, in our circumstances, in the hard things and in the easy things. Something changes. Something shifts and adjusts and realigns with the Father’s purposes for us; this is why He created us. He wants us to succeed and achieve those purposes.

When life is difficult, declare His nature and His names. When you find yourself wrapped up in negative circumstances, call to mind who He is and how safe you are with Him, and experience again the hope found in His presence.

  • You are my Protector.

  • You are my Strength.

  • You are

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my Shield.

  • You are my Covering.

  • You are the One who keeps me from falling.

  • You are my Director.

  • You are my Way.

  • You are the One who keeps me upright.

  • You are my Choice and my Decision.

  • You are my Hiding Place.

  • You are the One I trust.

  • You are the One I love.

  • You are the One who treasures me, even when I see nothing good within me.

  • You are the Creator.

  • You are Wisdom when life is confusing.

  • You are God, who speaks to me.

  • You are my Healer.

  • You are my Helper.

  • You are the One who completely forgives me.

  • You are the One who never forgets a promise.

  • You are Gracious.

  • You are Patience.

  • You are my Comforter.

  • You are ever faithful.

  • You are the One who brings me peace.

  • You are my Father.

  • You are my every breath.

  • You are the Answer to every question I have.

Nothing is too hard for You. Even when fear surrounds me, and worry tries to steal my heart, Father, you are the One I choose. You are the One I will trust. My life is in Your hands, and it will be to me according to Your word and not to the word of the enemy. There will be no fault or shortage in the promises You have made me, because You are the One who made them. I will take You at Your word, and I will remember who You are.


The Bible says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof" (Proverbs 18:21). Your tongue is a very powerful instrument. It can either call down blessings from heaven or bring curses (failure) into your life.

If there are areas in your life that are in need of change, your tongue is the best tool to use to bring about that change.

Faith-based confessions bring into existence those things God has promised. As you confess what God says about you, the evidence will manifest (Isaiah 44:26).

In the name of Jesus, I declare that I have a blood-bought right to answered prayer. The Word of God is my guarantee. Father, by prayer, supplication and with thanksgiving, I can make my requests known to You. You hear the prayer of the righteous and answer them. Your eyes are on me and Your ears are open to hear my prayers.

I am connected to Christ Jesus, and I am anointed. In everything I do I am more than a conqueror. Because I abide in You, and Your Word abides in me, I see the manifestation of answered prayer. When I speak Your Word, it does not return without accomplishing what it was sent to do.

Lord, I thank You that I walk in favor with man and with You. Wherever I go and whatever I do, Your favor goes before me. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much. Therefore, I believe I receive what I pray for right now. In Jesus' name, Amen!

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