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Our Deaf Ministry is designed for those who are a part of the Deaf Culture and Community. We minister to those who may need guidance.  We address Deaf, Hard of Hearing and their families who may need some client assistance advocacy, resource information, counseling and/or referral to resources available within our community.


Every quarter we have a Deaf Community Fellowship.  Encouraging the ASL Students and Interpreters to get to know the local deaf community, learn, practice and acquire new sign language skills.

Our Deaf Community Pot Luck Fellowship is non-denominational encouraging Deaf participation from other local Christian Churches to fellowship and strengthen their faith.  Lending support to local church interpreters who may need to build their ASL interpreting skills, address problems they may encounter in interpreting scriptures and gain information in ASL Worship to help them minister to the Deaf in their church.


The Deaf Community Fellowship is Champions Church Outreach Ministry, open to both Christian and non-Christian Deaf and hard of hearing people.  It was established out of a burden for deaf souls to be saved.  Eight hundred deaf people die everyday without knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.



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