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At this time our prayer is that the peace of God will rule your hearts and minds  and that the blood of Jesus would cover you and your household from any sickness or plague that would come near you.  (Psalms 91).  Let me just encourage you it’s not a time for FEAR but a time for Faith and a time to press in to God.  What you FEED will grow.  So we encourage you to spend time in His presence daily in worship and the word (His promises over you) and let Him keep you in perfect PEACE which is your inheritance in any situation, including COVID 19. (Isaiah 43:1-2, Isaiah 26:3)


As many of you are aware, the President and the Governor of our state have recommended that individuals not congregate in groups of more than ten for social or business purposes.   We felt it in the best interest of our church to cancel our main service/small groups/youth (until further notice) to help keep in support of their recommendations and to follow the safe distancing they have recommended at this time.  This Sunday we will NOT have an OPEN service, but will be STREAMING LIVE service at 10:30 a.m. on Champions Church facebook page.  We encourage you to watch from home with your family.  We need each other more than ever in these times for strength, encouragement and support.


Just to clarify, we are not closing church (you are the church) and will do everything we can to continue to encourage and support you (the church) and your family during this time.   Our prayer is that you as the church would rise up and be a light and change the atmosphere wherever you are...that your light would shine brightly in the dark places and you would make a difference in the lives of those around you in this uncertain time.

We encourage you to follow us online for more updates.  You can send us messages, send prayer requests and pay your tithes here on our website.  You can also call the church directly at 863-294-3561 if you need someone to talk to.  (Please note that if there is no answer immediately, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible). 

Our leadership team is currently making decisions on how we navigate through these changes and will be talking about how best to continue meeting in the days ahead in our small groups and other settings.  At this time our House of Hope team will continue to be in full gear and be on the ground serving our community with food, as well as beginning outreach to HOPE Inwood.

We welcome you to contact us and give us updates or if there is anything we can do to help you at this time.  As always, please know we will be praying for you and pray for us that God would give us the wisdom as to how to walk through these uncharted waters and continue to strengthen His church and our impact to our city.

Pastor Nolan and Kathy

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