OUR mission


"Loving and building people to Champion

the cause of Christ--winning our world

one life at a time."   


"The people who KNOW their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits for God." 

Daniel 11:32




We see a Church of CHAMPIONS who are..

Encouraged through relationships (in small groups)

Enriched in God's presence (as we believe in extravagant Praise and Worship)

Equipped by the Word of God (by the preaching of God's Word, Bible Study and Discipleship)

Engaged in ministry (by knowing your gifts and getting connected in ministry)

Empowered by the Holy Spirit (as you are taught and prayed for in order to be activated in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to accomplish God's plan)

Evangelize the world we meet everyday.

We aspire to accomplish this vision that God has given us with great  se are the attitudes that best honor God in what we do for Him and His Kingdom.

Enthusiasm as we strive for EXCELLENCE!  

We aspire to accomplish this vision that God has given us with great ENTHUSIASM as we strive for EXCELLENCE!  We believe that these are the attitudes that best honor God in what we do for Him and His Kingdom.



             OUR VALUES

Uncompromised Unity - We value a church living together in covenant relationships and flowing in corporate unity to fulfill God's purpose and plan for the church for that hour.

Fivefold Ministry - We value the fivefold giftings (spoken of in Ephesians 4:12-16) and see them as consultants sent by the Lord not to do the job, but specifically to train and equip the Body of Christ to fulfill God's purposes through grass roots body ministry on earth.

Excellence -  We value excellence in life and ministry as the only attitude that honors God.

Leadership -  We value the empowerment and development of Spirit-filled leaders who will be strategically positioned and deployed within the Body of Christ while being launched to succeed and increase their influence within our community.

Wisdom - We value the pursuit of wisdom through the Word of God that directs us to a principle-focused, balanced and successful life.

Commitment - We value commitment through a partnership that is responsible to leadership and the vision of the house; demonstrated by regular attendance, generous giving and consistent dedicated involvement.

Team - We value teamwork that promotes a shared purpose and is expressed by people of diverse social, economical and cultural status connected as the family of God.

Raising up Champions to do mighty exploits for God.

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1801 Havendale Blvd NW

​Winter Haven, Florida 33881

Phone (863) 294-3561

Fax (863) 294-1618

 Our Pastors are part of the Bethel Leaders Network (BLN) out of Bethel Church

in Redding, California. We share the same DNA