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Lois Marie Crovello    July 2014


I gotta tell somebody!!!! I gotta tell somebody, what Jesus did for me!! I am totally and completely healed. After throwing my back out last week, (and I admit here I paniced). I could NOT WALK. All week, I could NOT walk. Went to my Masterlife Class and services at my church today and tonite. I was DETERMINED to go even though I could barely walk from throwing my back out last week end. 

 I went wearing my back brace and a pillow for my back. I admitted for the very 1st time tonight "in public"; in my class that I knew God could heal anyone; anyone BUT ME!! I didn't know "why" I felt that way; I simply felt HE would heal everyone BUT myself. I know God has healed many persons, I have seen and heard it with my own 2 ears and eyes. Tonight, I did NOT go to church to be healed. I went to my class then on to services. I ended up going into the Nursery to help with any babies. While there, we could see and hear what was going on in services. Many I passed on the way down to Nursery; many prayed over me on my way there, and in class. A very close sister in Christ came in and chatted; she noticed I was crooked..(lol) She asked what happened and proceeded to lay hands on me while I answered her; while praying, she ran her hand up and down my spine; then from the tailbone out to my left hip all the while praying. The Holy Spirit through her allowed her to know I had 3 disc's herniated in my back...(the Holy Spirit was accurate through her). As she ran her fingers/hand from the tip of my spine down to the tailbone, I felt a heat like I have never known. No, she was pressing down, just lightly running her fingers up and down; then out to the hip. Voila...I"VE BEEN HEALED totally and completely....was able to walk with no limp; no dragging left foot; absolutely NO pain in my lower fact...was able to take off the back brace and walk completely normal. I am no longer crooked; and my spine feels just wonderful......I just had to tell....I just had to tell WHAT JESUS DID FOR ME. I went straight down to the altar and shared with Pastor Margaret my GOOD NEWS!!! Her hug felt soooo wonderful...PRAISE GOD!! ONLY after admitting TO HIM I didn't think HE could heal me, He did. REmember the way I explained that. I FINALLY admitted to Jesus that I wanted to be healed BUT I didn't believe He could do it for me, is when HE PROVED HE COULD...............and did! 

I fell like SNOOPY and I feel I could dance a jig right now!!! I BELIEVE!!! I BELIEVE......what Jesus did for me!!! THis feeling is way better than ice cream and I love my ice cream!!! I LOVE YOU, JESUS!!!!♥♥♥



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"I had back pain for over 10 years. Today I came to the House of Hope for grocies. I went in to meet with a Counelor and she asked if i needed healing in my body. I said ,"yes my back". The couselor prayed for my back and God healed it. I don't have no more pain! Thank you Jesus!  God Healed my back! "



This young girl came to IGNITE OUR YOUTH with a broken Tibia. After being prayed for she was healed. Not only was her leg healed but God also gave her a new bone in her big toe. She was able to move her leg and Toe and left Champions Church doing what she could NOT DO.

Dolly Moffit Vanfossen  JANUARY 2014


"I was in a bad accident years ago, had chipped a piece of my bone away from my collar bone and severely injured my neck. I was very limited in mobility and Doctor told me just to live life the best way I could. I went to Champions Church and Pastor Mary prayed for me! I was healed immediately!! She said do What I couldn't do before. I bent down and touched my feet, I turned my head from side to side, I jumped up and down! Praise God! I am enjoying life again!!"

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